|| W N ||   Wilfried Nijhof

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s / sculpture

Infinite White08

Infinite White 09

Infinite White 10

Infinite White 07

Infinite White 11

W.icker no. 7

Infinite White no.04

W.icker no3

W.icker no4

Speak nor Seek


Flirtatious Composition In Yelow

W.icker 1

W.icker 2



Waves [ Guided Coincidence2]

Waves [Guided Coincidence 4]


Bliss 4

Flirtatious Composition in Yellow

At full moon , in tune 2

Balanced Daydream 2

Balanced Daydream 1

At full moon, in tune 2

Black Vase Object 1

Detail, BlackVase Object 1

Vase with Collar 2

Soothe 2

Soothe 1

Yellow Table Object

White Vase Object 2

Detail, Grey Vase Object

Porcelain Vase Object

Detail, Turqouise Vase Object

Turquoise Vase Object

Red Vase Object

Grey Vase Object 3

Porcelain Vase Object

Greige Vase Object

Vase Object

Grey Vase Object 2

Vase with Collar 1

Detail, Grey Vase Object 3